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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide exclusive treatments and modalities that improve circulation, inflammation, daily living, and transcend the standards of aging gracefully. From athletes to busy moms to world travelers, “Remedy” will provide an escape that allows anyone to experience “next-level disconnect” in order to return to homeostasis, balance, and rejuvenation of the face and body.

Meet our founder

Melissa Duran, RN

Melissa Duran, RN, is a native of Monterey County. She has been a Registered Nurse since 1998. She spent 20 years working in the Emergency Room at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital and has been in Plastics & Aesthetics for 16 years. She is married with a blended family of 5 kids and four grandchildren.

Melissa has brought so much passion and dedication to Aesthetics in  Monterey County. She took a whole year in 2021 to formulate the perfect spa that includes both wellness and aesthetics. Melissa wanted a unique place where both men & women could rest, reset or rejuvenate inside and out. In addition to her expertise in injectables, she wanted to implement services that our county did not have, such as Super Human Protocol, Float Spa Therapy, Feminine Laser Rejuvenation, and Specialized IV infusions. She often explains Remedy Spa as the place she has always wished she had.

Melissa is also known for her expertise in Aesthetics. Having her own 10-week program that allows others to enter the world of Aesthetics, she has also been appointed as an Allergan Medical Institute trainer. She enjoys training others in techniques that will safely enable alignment and proper placement while using Botulinum Toxins, fillers, and laser technology.

Meet our doctor

Dr Jay Pennock

Jay Pennock, MD is a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician with over 20 years’ experience in the Emergency Department. In that capacity he has witnessed what happens to patients when their choices over time work against their own health. “Dr. Jay” created Navigator Medical Consultancy in 2015, in Santa Cruz, to create an environment where the functional medicine approach is all about the experience. Dr. Jay meets his patients at the door, and commits hours of time providing very personal service, literally charting a course to better health.  Empowering people to change their lives and make better decisions about their health is really what it’s all about.  After more than 7 years, the approach of this practice has led its clients to much healthier lives, and improvement or reversal of their medical conditions, and reduction or elimination of their medications.

Functional Medicine focuses on sleep, nutrition, movement, and stress reduction along with hormone balancing and inflammation reduction to optimize people’s health.  Clients also see Dr Jay for weight loss programs, addressing menopause and low T syndrome in men.  Continually gaining medical knowledge and insight through ongoing education, Dr. Jay has developed new, effective, patient-centered medical care. Now offered at Remedy Spa MD, this approach will create an interactive and “wholistic” approach to living longer, healthier lives.

Meet Our Team

Sara Marinelli

Administrative Manager

Claudia Serano

Aesthetic Nurse

Monica Armstrong

Aesthetic Nurse

Amanda Varela


Jahvanah Marinelli

Retail & Schedule Coordinator

Isabella Marinelli

Client Service Manager

Abby Fernandez

Bilingual Specialist & Textline Receptionist

Liz Joplin

Client Concierge

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